After Washington Crowd Boos President Trump – Their Team Pays Dearly, By Losing Three In A Row

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That’s what you get for disrespecting our President!
President Trump scored a major win this weekend with the defeat of ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Perhaps to celebrate, he went to one of the World Series’ games, where the Astros competed against the Washington Nationals.
Despite the big victory he just gave Americans, the home crowd decided to show just how many swamp dwellers were among them.
From CBS News:
President Trump’s low-profile appearance Sunday night at Game 5 of the World Series drew loud boos and jeers when he was introduced to the crowd.
Pretty pathetic. The locals greeted the Commander in Chief with loud boos and jeers.
We shouldn’t be surprised. D.C. is a swampland infested with rich elitists who prefer globalists to average Americans.
Even a ball game isn’t free from their mocking of the President.
But, never let it be said the Trump curse goes on breaks. Because after this pathetic display, Washington’s team hasn’t done so well.
From MLB:
The Astros ripped off three straight wins in enemy territory, outscoring the Nats — in front of raucous D.C. crowds that had waited so long for World Series baseball — 19-3.
Ouch. The Nationals got their butts handed to them with a three-game losing streak. In fact, they couldn’t score more than one run—in each of their home games!
Pretty sad, if you ask me. This is the first time the Nationals make it to the World Series and their players screw up the chance.
The Houston Astros are now leading the series. With only two games to go, Washington doesn’t have much of a prayer.
In fact, all the Astros have to do is win tomorrow’s game and it’s lights out for D.C.!
Serves them right. The president did an amazing thing, securing peace for the entire world with the defeat of the most wanted man on earth, and these losers boo him!
I don’t feel sorry for their pathetic team one bit.

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